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    Who is Germinator?

    Germinator was founded in 2015 to create a healthier, safer, and protected environment for you, your family, and your co-workers. Germinator Mobile Sanitizing is a breakthrough technology that redefines the concept of a healthy living space. We offer all-natural sanitizing and deodorizing with our state of the art 2 step system. This system includes our Genesis system and Shield microbial barrier application, which creates an uninhabitable environment for bacteria and viruses (including COVID-19). We proudly service commercial and residential locations such as hotels, hospitals, daycare, senior care facilities, schools, athletic facilities, and much more. 

    The Germinator Process

    Germinator Mobile Sanitizing is a broad spectrum disinfection and deodorization provider with the industries’ leading technology. We focus on safe, green, and natural solutions. These solutions have been tested and backed by an unmatched scientific board that approves and advises our technologies. Our board is comprised of a prestigious team of seasoned health professionals, including a former Assistant Surgeon General who served five administrations, a top U.S. Virologist who is currently working on a cure for COVID-19, and a top U.S. Epidemiologist who led the coalition against HIV/AIDS. As a result, our system is virtually unmatched in both power and effectiveness.

    2 Step Solution

    Germinator’s solutions do not cause bacterial or viral resistance, which means germs CANNOT adapt to it. Utilization of potentially resistant causing disinfectants may cause more significant issues and, eventually, a biofilm. Germinator’s solutions avoid these potential hazards. You may re-enter your location immediately after service as our solutions are safe and non-toxic. If you are looking for a reliable and effective sanitizing service, we are your best option! Germinator Mobile Sanitizing has breakthrough technology that can help maintain your living spaces as healthy as possible. Whether you have a residential or commercial location, sanitizing services are always crucial for eliminating germs, bacteria, viruses and odors.


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