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Michel Pereira vs Niko Price #UFC264 Results

Written by Colin Crandall

Photo Credits: MMA Junkie

Both fighters come out with Price taking the center of the octagon putting the pressure on
Perera. It looks like there was an eye poke that Pereira didn’t
notice until a few seconds after the fact. Action resumes with Pereira’s his back against the cage, moving side-by-side and throwing a lot of feints but nothing landing. With Price pushing the envelope and landing nothing, Pereira throws a kick in which Price catches and shoots in for a takedown. The Brazilian was able to defend the takedown by Price and evade the clinch. Price taking the center and staying the aggressor throws a kick which Pereira catches and takes Price to the mat. He ultimately lets Price back up as he wants nothing with being on the mat with Price.

Price stalking forward with Pereira moving side to side and counter punching, with both fighters landing good kicks and a very measured pace. Both fighters have a lot of respect for
each other as the crowd chants Niko Niko for a brief moment. Pereira throws a roundhouse
kick to the head of Price which just grazes him. The acrobatic Pereira attempts a superman punch off of the cage from which misses and ends up in the clinch with Price against the cage. Pereira lands a good knee and follows it up with a good right hand and then a back
first that turns Price’s head but Price shakes it off right away. Price is still being the aggressor and pushing the pace. Perera is doing a good job at landing and evading the strikes of Price. Price is just stalking Pereira but not able to land.


Second round starts pretty much where they left off with Price pushing the pace and being the aggressor while Pereira using a ton of movement. Both men being very cautious
both bouncing other feet now. Pereira catches a kick thrown by Price which results in Price falling to the mat. Pereira does a backflip connecting with Price and ends up in mount. Pereira attempts multiple submission attempts to no avail from dominant positions. He then postures up and rains down some heavy ground and pound. Price was able to weather the barrage of strikes and get back to his feet. Price knows that Pereira is gassed at this point and just marches forward pressuring Pereira even more trying to get him out of there. Price landing some heavy shots but unfortunately was not able to get him out of there in round 2.

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Written by Garrett Kerman

Garrett Kerman, a.k.a. "The Fight Analyst" is one of the leading analysts in all of combat sports. He started his journey into the world of combat sports handicapping in 2017. Garrett is the only combat sports analyst to use analytics to make the most accurate of predictions in the fight game.
Since making the transition over to analyzing combat sports full time in 2017 The Fight Analyst has made his clients $21,244 with not one losing year over that time.

Garrett Joined the MMA Power Hour team as a full time contributor in audio/ video podcasts and as a journalist who specializes in predictions.

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