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Opinion: Mr. Jones And Me: Winners During Quarantine

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I had been craving mescal for a while. I needed to scroll back deep into my Facebook timeline, making sure a thought racing through my head was not a figment of my imagination. March 23rd., less than two weeks into COVID-19 lockdown, I posted that I was drinking tequila straight from the bottle. The only reason it was not mescal… my local grocery store was out.

Coincidentally, three days later on March 26th., Jon Jones, the current UFC light heavyweight champion was arrested for one count of aggravated DWI, one count of negligent use of a weapon (Intoxicated), and one count of open container (Mescal), according to the police report. He was also cited for having no proof of insurance.


As a former Private Investigator, I can say this case reeks of bad facts for Mr. Jones. I don’t know if the laws of New Mexico are the same as Arizona, my home for the last twenty-two years. In Arizona, if you are pulled over for DUI, you’re not obligated to take the field sobriety tests. In fact, any lawyer worth their salt would agree and instruct their clients to respectfully decline those tests. Thankfully, the mescal impaired Jones’s judgement, he took the tests giving us thirteen plus minutes of body cam footage to enjoy.

Did I mention that Jon Jones discharged a firearm in what appears to be an urban downtown area while driving around, literally drinking and driving, during the COVID-19 lockdown? Just five years ago he was driving around drunk, slamming into cars, injuring a pregnant woman during a hit-and-run accident, after which he returned to the scene only to retrieve personal items from his vehicle before fleeing again.

Thanks to the power of the plea deal, he escaped a felony conviction in that case which allowed Jones and his attorney to make a quick plea deal for his new case. I imagine the COVID-19 situation, along with his felony-free record, were key factors. A felon in possession of a firearm, driving around drunk and discharging said firearm, is a surefire way to end up in prison.

Which is why Jon Jones is a winner during the Lockdown. Much in the same way politicians are trying to ram bills through that have been sitting on the shelf, just waiting for the right crisis. They both rely on distraction, whether intentional or otherwise, for victory in these troubling times.

Jon Jones has the same luck as me; always landing on his feet. The major difference being Mr. Jones is the cause of all his problems. Will leniency from the justice system in these unprecedented times enable Jones to make his next major blunder? Or, will he look this gift horse in the mouth and get his life together before it’s too late?

Many people are still eager to pay for the privilege of watching him fight, but how long will that last? I know I want to see him fight again, only this time I will be rooting for him to lose. That may just save his life.

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